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What is E-Commerce', 'Electronic Commerce (EC) is the paperless exchange of business information using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and related technologies. If you are familiar with Electronic Mail (E-Mail), computer bulletin boards, facsimile machines (faxes), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) You can very well understand what is e-commerce. These are all forms of EC. All EC systems replace all or key parts of paper-based work flow with faster, cheaper, more efficient, and more reliable communications between machines. In today's Defense Department procurement arena, however the most important EC technology to know about is Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI.

'Todays scientific and economy worlds demands unique ways for most kinds of job completion. Vendors and service providers will continually try to find unique ways to provide low-cost services to small businesses. One quick example is the numerous websites offering free development and hosting. For example, the sites offer a web development application in a "wysiwyg" (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) style that allows each person the ability to create their own type of website. Other options include participation in an online marketplace. These mechanisms are roughly designed to simulate a real marketplace that will attract customers due to a shop-at-once mentality instead of surfing the Internet for different goods and services.

A fast developing theme among new and old participants in the digital economy is the use of ASPs (application service providers). These service providers allow you to purchase many of the off-the-shelf operating applications that you may use to run your business (finances to human resource management to inventory processing) at a much lower cost as well as have someone else manage and host the data. It also reduces the time and labor force necessary to run such types of operations. A final recommendation is the notion of partnering. Finding similar organizations that can share resources and expenses can help you achieve your goals in the digital economy. The key role of the digital economy and electronic commerce is to help your traditional organizational processes and daily routines and automate them through the Internet. The use of electronic commerce can very well share the burden burden and can help minimize the expense and difficulty. It stimulate a potential relationship for furthering business behavior.

E-Commerce Solutions

We provide insight and technical expertise to each and every one of our customers. We help our customers improve their business models and their bottom line. Our approach begins with a careful analysis of our client's current business practices and we devise solutions to improve business efficiency with Internet, Intranet and Extranet. Companies today want comprehensive ecommerce solutions to leverage marketing disciplines with digital-oriented business practices. Given today's "Internet-time" demands on businesses, companies gain significant competitive advantage by partnering with Human Ingenuity to develop comprehensive, customized ecommerce solutions. Let Human Ingenuity contribute to your company's competitive advantage.

We design, build, host, support, and help promote market-leading eCommerce web sites. We provide attractive, easy to use, easy to manage and integrated solutions, allowing clients to enhance the customer experience, be proactive with marketing and streamline eCommerce operations.

Our ecommerce solutions provide you with:

* Rich & Flexible functionality

* Content & Catalogue Management Systems

* Order management

* Email Campaigns

* Search Engine Optimization

* Affiliate Marketing

* Analysis and Reporting

* Integration with your systems

* Excellent service & support

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