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Data capturing through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system is precise and quicker than physical data entry. We use OCR systems integrated with an optical scanner and modern OCR software. Our OCR systems can automatically fed, read and arrange data. Data entry through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is faster, more accurate and more efficient than keystroke data entry. In several cases of text conversion, OCR provides an alternative to keyboarding / data entry, or can be part of a mixed data entry/OCR process. Whatever be your project of text conversion, our skill and expertise guarantees the best solution at a highly competitive cost. OCR recognition technology has improved considerably over the past few years. OCR can recover valuable information and format it in reusable form. We have consistently developed the necessary expertise and capacity to take full advantage of this technology. Information can be gathered from old paper files, resumes and applications, forms, address labels, etc. If needed, we can scan paper documents as part of many project requirements prior to OCR, providing a CD-Rom copy of the images and if required we can make images available on our servers accessible via a web browser for our customers. Contact 3SPL to discuss your specificOCR and Image Scanning / Image Processing requirements.
We also provide additional value-added services like indexing, optical character recognition (OCR), conversion to Adobe PDF (Portable document Format) format and data entry in accordance with the specific customer requirements. We offer most popular file formats and can output your information to a variety of medium
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